Summer Body Tips for July and August!

Now that July is upon us, most people have started their holiday plans and are getting their operation bikini bodies ready for the beach! Now it’s so important to remember to drink plenty of water while you are exercising this summer especially if you are heading to a destination where it is extremely hot this time of year!  Here are some tips to help you get in shape over the summer, stay on track while on holiday and be healthy while doing it!

Top Three Healthy Summer Tips!

1) Stay hydrated – Avoid drinking too much caffeine or coffee/tea in the mornings as that will dehydrate you. Keep your fridge stocked with healthy drinks like juices or even diluted natural juice with water.  You should always keep cold water in the fridge so you are more likely to reach for that rather than sodas or coca cola!

2) Keep fit by engaging in sport or swimming!  Take advantage of the beach or swimming pool and do early morning laps when the kids are still sleeping.  If you do cardio in the morning or in the evening when the sun goes down, you’ll risk over heating and be able to perform better in the exercise and burn more calories.  One of our favourite programs reviewed by Yolo Dieting is called the 21 day fix and it is excellent. It combines weight lifting, cardio and yoga/pilates in a condensed program consisting of 30 minute workouts that you do 7 days a week.

3) Find an exercise buddy! If you’re on holiday, you might be going with a bunch of friends or family members. Find someone who will commit to doing a 30 minute run in the morning with you to help combat or reduce the risk of weight gain over your holidays.  You want to be able to indulge occasionally and enjoy yourself but not at the risk of undoing all of your progress over the past few months.

4) Avoid drinking too much alcohol and beer although it may be tempting.  Stick to small quantities of alcohol mixed with diet drinks or juices. Drink light beer and only one or two glasses of wine if that is your drink of choice.  Not only will alcohol make you gain weight, but the next morning you will crave carb-laden foods and the idea of eating an egg white and spinach omelette will probably put you off!

5) Enjoy your holiday and have fun!  Weight gain also comes from stress so if you obsess about your weight while on holiday, you might even gain more weight due to the stress. Let yourself have a treat or two a day but in small portions and don’t go overboard. Happy Summer!



Hispanics Worrying about Aging with Sun Exposure

With summer coming in spring break coming as well, people are flocking to the beaches to enjoy the nice sunny weather. However many people are very worried because the sun is notorious for not only helping you get nice brown and tan skin, but it can also make your skin dry and lead to age spots and an increase in aging. Therefore many different Hispanic people are worried that by going to the beach too often and taking in too much sun that they will get older looking skin and develop more wrinkles. Luckily a new product has been released that is very popular with the Hispanic market the product is called instant youth. Maybe you are asking what exactly does. While it contains a high amount of collagen and collagen is known to help increase proteins and minerals within your skin that will help you have firm and strong skin that looks younger and also because it is so strong and typed your skin, you will have less wrinkles and age spots.

Instant youth is developed by a company called skinny body care that also promotes weight loss products. So if you are looking for a way to reduce the effects of aging after taking into much sun at the beach, instant youth could be the product for you. Instant Youth reviews are saying that the product works in under two minutes. All you have to do is apply the gel to your under eye bags and to your forehead or other lines around your face that have wrinkles or look like they need a decrease in aging.

Wait for two minutes without moving your face very much and after only a few minutes you will see any amazing difference in your skin and how it looks. Therefore you can start going to the beach again and enjoy the sun in hot weather without worrying that it will destroy your skin. However it is very important to remember to apply sunscreen prior to going out on the beach as well so that you do not have any negative reactions health wise to the sun.

Healthy Vacation Tips in 2015

Well, August is upon us and the majority of inhabitants of Madrid are flocking to the south of Spain to soak up the sun, go tanning, swimming and play water sports on the beach! There are many things you need to be concerned about with regards to your health when going on vacation that include protecting your skin from the sun’s rays and also avoiding alcoholic consumption to an unhealthy excess.

Recently a study suggested it is best to only have 2-3 drinks maximum when you are on vacation with your children because your kids notice a difference in you when you drink and it makes them feel scared and unsafe. If you are on a family vacation, focus your evenings on fun activities with the children like board games or swimming in the pool or a fun dinner.  Don’t spoil your kids’ vacation by over-indulgence.

Overindulging in heavy foods like pizza, chips and burgers will just hinder your weight loss progress. Many people lose weight prior to a summer vacation to look good in their bikini on the beach but then while they are on vacation they quickly gain all that weight back. Some people bring diet pills from skinny fiber network to help manage their weight while on vacation so they don’t gain all of the weight back that they have worked hard to lose. These pills can help you feel more satisfied even if you only eat smaller portions of food so it is recommended to bring a bottle or two with you on vacation.

Other people suggest that eating a lot of fiber in your diet in the morning is beneficial. At this site: you can see examples of how eating fiber every morning has helped thousands of people lose tons of weight because the heavier your meal in the morning, they more satisfied you feel throughout the day. It truly can make a difference in your metabolism and in your weight.

What is the purpose of working so hard for weeks up to your vacation if you undo all of your progress within only 4 days. It’s amazing how much weight you can gain when you are not being conscious of it. Some people have amazing metabolisms and can eat whatever they want and not gain any weight but the majority of us are not like that.  We need to work hard at it in order to continue to say trim and healthy. So do not drink to excess and try to keep your food intake to a healthy level indulging only at dinner time and sticking to nice fruit-based breakfasts and a light healthy salad for either lunch or dinner.  You do not have to be doomed to be overweight, this is fact.  Try to be healthy and you will see how much better you feel. Skinny fiber diet pills may help you maintain this weight loss over time as well.

Using Glucomannan to Prevent Motion Sickness and Travel Discomfort

Travelling to a foreign country can be exciting and exhilarating, but it also comes with its own side effects and problems that could impact your health even if you have gone for all the required medications and shots from your doctor.  When you travel for periods of long distance or journeys between as low as an hour to as long as twenty hours, you may be subjected to nausea or motion/travel sickness.

This might not seem like that big of an issue, but the degree of discomfort varies from person to person. In many cases, it can be very severe and lead the person to be in extreme pain until they are able to lie down and fully recover (which is not an option on an overnight flight).

There are many different options available on the market in pill or tablet form for combating motion sickness. I prefer using something natural and buy glucomannan fiber pills. They work to ease your stomach and minimize the risk of discomfort.  They are also an excellent option to continue taking throughout your holiday as they have incredible health benefits and also help people lose weight. Whenever I go abroad, eating other strange foods that my body is not accustomed to, can often lead to side effects like stomach rumbling or even diarrhea.  But if you continue to take the glucomannan supplement, your body will become acclimated to the new foods you are having in your diet and it will prevent you to experience bloating, stomach cramps or gas.water-bottle

When going abroad, you will eat foods that your body isn’t adjusted to, it is best to avoid foods that you don’t know if they have been cooked properly. Cook your own food and wash your fruits and vegges thoroughly.

Additionally, you will not have to worry about gaining weight during your holiday because the fiber pills also work as a weight loss management aid.  While taking the pills, you should drink plenty of water.  Drinking a lot of water also will help prevent headaches or pains while on the flight and will keep your body fully hydrated.

Travelling to countries in South America may be a culture shock for many as the climate is much warmer than other countries more northern.  Therefore, in order to minimize shocks to your body, keep your skin lathered with sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids like water, cold juices and fruits high in water content like apples, watermelons or oranges.

Remember to wash all fruit and vegetables LENGTHILY as to prevent any pesticides or foreign germs from entering your system after consumption.

While visiting cities and rural areas, always bring a bottle to fill up along with you and one that has a built-in filter in case you are stuck in an area without access to cold bottled water for sale.  Filtering your water is the best preventative against catching any type of germ that may be present in the water you are not yet accustomed to.

Things to Remember Before Departing!

Don’t forget to get your vaccinations before going on your lifelong dream trip to South America! You can consult your doctor or medical provider but it is important to remember that you may need several vaccinations before travelling abroad.

Measles and DPT shots are mandatory and perhaps a booster shot if you have not had one in quite some time. The World Health Organization is also extremely informative and up to date on the latest information and advice about what you need prior to coming abroad. Some immunizations and injections may not be available on call so please make sure to get them well in advance and do not leave it last minute.

You may also need some prescription medication and to bring along and medications that you consistently take as you will not be able to get all meds abroad if you run out of your daily prescribed dosage.

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